On Hiatus

This is going to be a very brief post. This site is going to go on a short break (probably a week or two). I had a couple weird encounters with sexism at the tail end of last week, which sucked, but I figured I’d step away from Discord and Facebook for a few days and then come back. However, yesterday I found out that my grandfather’s health has sharply declined and it looks like he’s probably at days or weeks left at most. With all of that going on, I’m going to step away from writing content for week or two.

Finally, I’m going to request that people not reach out on Facebook or Discord unless we already converse via PM on a regular basis. From my experience with the aforementioned sexism issues, I know that people want to reach out in support, but, at this time, there’s a certain mental tax to talking to people and keeping on top of all my messages etc. While I appreciate the sentiment behind reaching out to wish me or my family well, responding to messages and getting notifications is kind of anxiety producing at the moment. I know that I’ve got some ongoing conversations with people in relation to content production. If I haven’t gotten back to you yet, please reach out again when the site opens back up (I’ll make another post and share it on FB and Discord at that time.)

Anyway, thanks for respecting my privacy at this time, keep enjoying spoiler season, and I’ll catch up with the community a bit closer to Monarch launch.

*Header – Dwell on the Past by Rebecca Guay

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