Contest – The Second

In the aftermath of the previous contest, I’m left with a small batch of remaining promos, so we’re going to roll right into the next context. This one is going to be a lot simpler than the previous one. It will also be far sillier.

Yeah. So, that’s your assignment. Only with FAB cards. I want you to put some googly eyes on some FAB cards and make me laugh. That’s it. Well, not all of it, I need some actual rules.

The Rules

– You may submit a single image. That image can be either a picture you’ve taken of a physical card or a digital image of a card (the official card gallery is here).

– You may use physical googly eyes if you have them lying around, but you’re also welcome to add them digitally. Or you can draw them on. Or print them. Really, you can get googly eyes on a card or an image of a card in any way that works for you. I’ll even accept other physical objects that look vaguely eyelike, even if they are sans googly. The only real restriction is that you’re putting funny eyes on a FAB card. Entries that alter cards in other ways will be disqualified. Ex. You can’t draw a top hat on Bravo. Well you can, but you’ll be disqualified.

– Winners will be determined entirely by which ones amuse me the most.

– You can enter HERE (you’ll need a gmail account. Sorry, Forms is the easiest way for me to intake these)

The Prizes

This is the same as the last contest as far as prize support goes. Winners get a playset of extended art promo Herald of Protections.

The contest runs until Tuesday, 8/31 at 8PM EST.

*Header Image – Blessing of Serenity by Alexander Mokhov

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