Another Flavor Text Contest!

Hey all, I feel like the lesson I should have learned by now is that, if I say, “I’m going to have [article] on X day,” that’s absolutely never going to happen, and I should stop giving dates for things. So yeah, this is the thing I wanted to get up on Memorial Day but didn’t. We’re having another flavor text contest because the last one was a lot of fun and it got good engagement, especially considering how much more effort it demanded from people as compared to many of the other giveaways people were running at the time. I really appreciated how many people chose to participate, and I think we got some really creative submissions out of it. Here’s hoping we can repeat that success.

What Do I Have To Do?

The rules are largely the same as the last flavor text contest. I’m going to give a curated selection of FAB cards and a prompt for what I’m looking for in a flavor text. It might be something like this:

With a prompt of “A really lame pun that that only the most shameless of dads would laugh at”.

To which you might write, “Anyone who isn’t ready to throw down better leaf”

(Recycling the example from the last context, baby!)

I will then go through the submissions and pick the one I like best. If I pick you, congrats! You win some cards. All of this will take place via a Google docs survey which will allow me to read all the answers in a batch and then only check who submitted them after I’ve picked my favorite. Please read the rules section below, at the end of which will be a link to the contest page. You can also check out the winners from last contest to see what you’re getting into.

The big change from the last contest is going to be in terms of eligibility and prize support. Last time I opened it up to everyone who wanted to enter; however, and covid was probably a factor, international shipping was a mess with returned packages, lost packages, and other messes. This time around I will only ship to US addresses. The contest is still open to anyone who wants to enter; however, to receive a prize, you need to supply a US mailing address, if you’re selected. You can have a friend in the US middle-person the prizes for you, use a forwarding service, or whatever other workaround you can come up with, but I’m only going to mail these out to US addresses. I’m sorry that this makes things trickier for parts of the community, but I don’t have the spare time to mess around with another round of shipping issues. From previous contests, I’ve learned that there is a small but present minority of people who just want to participate even if they can’t win or use the prize. To that end, I’ll be adding a “I’m participating for glory” option for any international folks who don’t want to work shipping out but want to try to beat out everyone else anyway. If you pick this option and win, your entry will be featured in the prize announcement and the prize for that prompt will go to an eligible contest instead.

Secondly, the prizing the first time around really underestimated how valuable the heralds would get. I gave out full playsets for all prizes in the first context assuming that they’d be worth like $10 a promo. The logic was that I wanted the winners to feel like they got a fair reward and nearly $100 in promos seemed fair. Instead, they were rarer and more in demand than I anticipated, which translated to the prize bundles being nearly $900-1000 of cards when the Herald of Protections hit their peak prices and would still probably be $400-600 in cards today. As a result, I’m going to give out prizes for this go around in sets of three (one of each pitch value) with a TBD number of special prizes including a full nine card playset and some playmats.


1.) The contest is open to anyone who wants to participate. However, to claim a prize you must provide a US shipping address.

2.) I’m collecting GEM IDs as part of the survey. This ensures that people do not register multiple attempts. I’m not going to do anything else with your GEM ID.

3.) You may only receive one promo bundle. If someone wins more than once, all wins after the first will go to the runner-up and so on until a person who hasn’t already won gets a promo bundle.

4.) The contest is open until 8am Eastern Standard Time on Monday, June 20th.

5.) My goal is for this to be a fun, laid back thing. I reserve the right to disqualify anyone who causes problems or makes it overly challenging to get them their winnings. I may also make additional ad hoc rules or rulings at any time.

6.) If the unlikely event that I get less than ten entries, I’ll figure out some other way to give these out. Also, I will cry. So, you know, probably enter because you don’t want that on your conscious.

The contest itself and additional rules are here. Good luck!

*Header Image – Uprising by Pavel Kondrashov

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