Live at Pro Tour New Jersey

I made a post about my plans for Pro Tour New Jersey as part of the Mega Update (I’ll be mentioning the Mega Update in the next several articles for anyone who missed it since it’s a lot of content). As part of that, I mentioned that I had plans to give away part of my new Content Creator Appreciation Kit and some other FAB materials (like playmats). This post will cover how that contest, as well as some general information on meeting up with me to trade cards or say “hi,” but let’s cut to the chase and focus on the exciting part: promo giveaway!

Contest Overview

Starting on Friday afternoon and continuing through Sunday, I will be sending you on a series of mini scavenger hunts to find random low value FAB cards for me. The first person to bring the requested card to me will autograph it and exchange it for whatever item was announced as the prize for that particular request.

– Requests will be announced via a twitter account. I’ve made for the occasion. Requests will include my current location, the card that I want you to find me, and the prize on offer.
– Item requests will be specific, and should have little cash value. Examples include things like: “Bring me a first edition Monarch Spears of Surreality (Blue)” or “Bring me a double-sided token with an Adult Hero on its side and the Young version of the same Hero on its opposite.”
– In order to minimize disruptions, I will be posting as prizes are claimed. However, there will be gaps while I verify winners/give them their prizes. So, I will also have a fairly visible “signal” with me in the form of this stuffed crab:

That’s Cancer (yes, four year old me named her stuffed crab after a Zodiac sign; I am, in fact, that gay). If you see him chilling out next to me, that’s your signal that the current prize is still up for grabs and you’re welcome to come over and claim it. If he has retreated to my backpack, someone else has claimed that prize.

– In the event that multiple people are headed to me at the same time to claim a prize, please do not run or otherwise try to beat the other person by a few seconds. For the sake of simplicity, if the crab is still out, you’re in contention to claim a prize and I will adjudicate the winner among eligible contenders via some arbitrary method (maybe I’ll have you roll a die or answer some FAB trivia, who knows?).
– Once you’ve won a prize, you are no longer eligible to win another. There’s no need to worry about targeting a specific give away though; if you’ve already won and see something else you want more go up later, you can trade your previous prize in along with the currently requested item. I’ll give you the new prize, and give away your old one to someone else.
– If no one claims a prize before I’m ready to move onto a new location or attend an event, I’ll post to Twitter that the prize was unclaimed, and I’ll roll it into the next giveaway.
– I’ll let you know when the contest ends on Sunday via a Twitter post.

*Thus ends the contest info. That’s all you need to know to play!


I’ll be around trading throughout the weekend. I’ll post to the same Twitter account linked above when I’m available for trades along with my location. I’ll mostly be bringing cards like WTR/ARC NF Ms, CF Cs, assorted promos, more recent CF Ls, Rf M’s, some playmats etc.  

I made a post to the FAB NA Marketplace group with a list of things I’m looking for, and shortly afterwards realized that I hadn’t really come up with a good plan for taking items off the list (oops). To try to rectify the situation, I’ve built this Google Docs list with my want list. I’ll try to remove items from it as I acquire them in trades, so you can check to see up-to-date needs. In order to save myself a logistic nightmare of organizing trades/so as to avoid telling twenty people individually that someone else has already traded me a $15 card, I will not schedule trades except for high end items (individual cards worth $250+).

Special Notes: If you have expensive Reserve List Magic cards from my want list and would like to move them into sealed WTR Alpha, ARC First, or CRU First, please contact me ASAP via one of the methods listed in my contact section. I’m not planning on getting these items out of storage unless there is a trade lined up for them, but would be happy to do so before I head down tomorrow, if someone is interested.

Since I’ve done a few of these trades now, if you want to trade me FAB or Magic for Nostalgix (I’ve got extra prototypes -normals, holos, and voids- and extras of all the various shards releases) please also contact me by one of the methods linked in the previous paragraph. Again, I am happy to bring this stuff if someone wants to trade into it, but will otherwise not have it on me.

Finally, I once wrote a guide on this site about trading etiquette and my thoughts there still hold. I want trades to be fair, and, ideally smooth experiences. Please do not try to value-grind or shark me (or anyone else).

Saying “hi”
(Reproducing this from my other post with a slight expansion)

If you see me around the expo center, you’re welcome to say “hi”. I imagine that I’ll be fairly easy to pick out of the crowd. I’ll be the woman with pink hair who is extremely overdressed for the event (after 2+ years of rarely leaving home due to covid, I will take any chance I can get to wear something even vaguely nice). I just have a couple requests:

– If I’m playing in an actual event (even just a draft), please don’t interrupt the match. It doesn’t bother me in this context because I’m just there to chill, but I think it would be disrespectful to my opponents to talk to passersby during a timed match.
– Please don’t be offended if I don’t shake hands or otherwise touch anyone. I’m still pretty covid conscious and have a sort of mild baseline anxiety about that. Also, I’m just kind of generally weird about touching people I don’t know.
– If I’m in the middle of a giveaway, I’m happy to chat, but I will have to interrupt any conversation if someone comes to claim a prize. The same goes for trading.

See you there!

I think that’s everything. I’ll be driving down tomorrow, so I’ll see (some of you) then!

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