Uprising World Premiere – Las Vegas: Contest

Heya everyone, most of my post-Mega Update content has actually been on Twitter, which is a thing that I guess I’m doing now (what has this world come to). I’m still planning to publish a full article about my time at Pro Tour New Jersey, and the second Flavortext Contest will be announced in the next week or so as well, but before we get to those, I’ve got ANOTHER contest for you all.

LSS has kindly provided me with a Fabled Event Package for Uprising World Premiere Las Vegas to give away as I see fit. I’ve only item to give away this time, so it’s a winner-take-all contest for $150 of prizes. Now for the details:

The Ask
I want you to pitch me a new Classic Battles set. What that entails is as follows:
– Select two current heroes (literally any heroes that has at least one card in the game – though I would personally avoid Rhinar and Dorinthea since they have the current set)
– Give them updated names (Ex. in the first Classic Battles, the new Dorinthea has been named “Dorinthea, Quicksilver Prodigy”)
– Write a short (250 words or less) blub that you would imagine being printed on the back of the packaging. The format of this is up to you –it could be written as descriptive text (like an explanation of who the combatants are and/or something to set up their conflict), it might be a piece of fiction (perhaps an evocative description that sets the stage for the battle that players will experience with the product, maybe you’ll combination the two, or you can do anything else that strikes you as an interesting approach. Whatever your method, your goal should be to make people want to play these decks.

– You can enter via this Google Form between now and Saturday May 21st at 9PM EST.
– The prize requires you to be in attendance at Uprising World Premiere Las Vegas. If you are not going to be at the event, please do NOT enter the competition.
– The winner will be announced on Sunday May 22nd.
– You may only enter once. Duplicate entries will result in all entries being discarded.

The Prize
The Fabled Event Package (US150 value) contains:
Entry into BOTH Uprising World Premiere and The Calling Main Event
-All 3 Main Event Promos (2 for the Premiere and 1 for the Calling)
-A Legendary Dragons of Volcor playmat, exclusive to the World Premiere
-1 set of Dracona Optimai Dragon Shield Sleeves

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